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Tourette Syndrome is

a neurological disorder that is characterized by ticcs. If you know of anyone who has TS, they need support! I want to help you find help. Contact me at my email address if you need more info about TS or other types of disabilities. If your church is interested in developing a disability ministry, send me an email for information on how I can help.

Tourette Syndrome and other Disability Links

Tourette Syndrome Resources: Good links on TS and other disability info.
Nova Scotia Tourette Syndrome Information Site: Lot of links and Support
My Ticc Story: My personal experience with TS.
Christian and Disabled: A site and link to a discussion group regarding disabilities and the Church.
Christian and Disability mail list: Click here to subscribe to mail list
TVan760315's Homepage: My personal homepage
Rest Ministries: A place to find friendship and comfort
Tourette Syndrome Association: The main page to the TSA

Teri VanPelt

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