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A Ticc a Day Will Keep Customers Away.

I am 38 and have TS. I was diagnoised at 36 after being put on ritalin for adhd. I had mild ts as a child. It went undiagnoised primarily to moving,disfunction in family and society ignorance during that time! My bizar behaviors seemed to go somewhat in remission(the ticcs) when I was 15. However, after the use of ritalin for 6 mos I began making weird noises and the like..I went to a neurologistl, he agreed that I had TS. I am a senior and carry a 3.11 GPA. I have made it through inspite of all the obsticals that constantly wear me down. My tics are mostly playful little jesters of vocal nature and usually are harmless. I don't mind them for the most part as long as I am around understanding individuals who ticc with me by repeating and answering my nonsense expressions. However, when I am in situations that cause me ill...such as; overcrowded rooms, longlines, people staring, and off noises(like sirins), I often go off by beating my head and talking fast or crying. I become autistic like sometimes...with monotone expressions and answers or repetitive responses to the inquires of others. Like---"Teri, do you want a drink?" I reply, "Do you want a drink?" I was in Wal-Mart yesterday and I was returning a product. The line had 7-10 people in it. It wasn't to bad. However, I began with mouth jerks and neck pulls. I felt that I better do something or I was going to go off. about that time another line opened up. Now, I don't know about your experience in grocery stores,but I have experienced that if another line opens and no one goes over, you proceed. And I did! Well one lady in the line did not like it one bit, so she said so over and over. She then began telling others to move infront of me and began yelling at me...go to the back of the line. She stated at that point that when another line opens it isn't right for people to come from the back and enter it. I began trying to explain and as I did, I let out a woop and my hands began flailing everywhere . I rushed to find my room-mate(who is a God send) I call her mona when I am ticcing, but her name is Kim---I went through the store crying,beating my head and yelling MonaMoo all the way! I am soon to graduate and will need employment....I had hopes of being a minister of some sorts. I also want those with disabilities to know they are not alone. It is important to recognize our strengths and weaknessess. There are many coping stratagies for us to utilize and practice. However, self-pity is not a good choice! So there it is my saga......and I hope it does help someone that I have shared my story Teri. P.S. If you think this will help someone pass it on.

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